My Dad came up with a programming idea I could do, and I made my first prototype of it! Basically, what it does is it gets text from a file (usually a story), gets all the keywords from it and stores it in a list, searches Google for each keyword image and gets the first result for each keyword and stores it in a list. Like if a file said:Once upon a time, there was a little red hen. She liked to eat wheat.It would pick up: “red”, “hen”, “wheat”.

Then, it would search those three keywords singly on Google images. Then, it would save the first link to the first image result. “hen”, for example, would probably have an image URL “http://www.farming.

com/hen.jpg”. Then, it would store that link in a list and move on to the next keyword. Then, lastly, it would make a new file called result.

html in the same folder and put the original text in the HTML file, and at the bottom add the images. The result would be for the above text, something like this:<text above>Image of a red circle, a picture of a chicken, and a field of wheat.The program can be used to help young people who can’t read understand what the story is about. I finished all of this (it was very difficulty!), and now I am making it so when you hover over one of the keywords it replaces the word with the image, until you take your mouse off.

The nice thing about the images is that there are no copyright issues, because not only does the image link to where it came from, it was also taken from Google, which means that in a day or two it will change. Here is an example screenshot of the result.html file in the browser:

Some of the images are, however, not relevant. (Story credit: from my sister :D)

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