PiPad – A Raspberry Pi Tablet

Recently, the Raspberry Pi company released the long awaited Raspberry Pi Official 7″ touchscreen. Almost as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it. I already had the Adafruit Powerboost 500, and I immediately had the idea of creating a Raspberry Pi tablet.I have a 3D Printer, so I was able to find a nice 3D model on Thingiverse and quickly printed all of the pieces.

When putting them together, I had to use ABS glue to glue some of the pieces together, and then used several screws to put together the rest. It isn’t perfect, but it is solid enough. I used the Adafruit Powerboost 500 and a battery, and also a short micro USB cord.I haven’t done anything software wise yet, but I definitely plan to.

Probably I’ll be using Kivy, because it is perfect for touchscreens (though PyGame would probably be easier to code). Several of the Python games that came with the Pi work with the touchscreen (the memory puzzle and slide puzzle), and my 4-year-old sister loves to play both. It can also play Youtube videos at a nice ~45fps, so it would do well as a media player. I’m looking in to some sort of Youtube downloader so that I can watch videos wirelessly.

Here is a video I took (sorry for bad quality, was using a phone at the time :D):

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