Possible Podcast

Editing and making Minecraft videos takes a lot of work, mostly because I’d rather edit programming videos then Minecraft ones. I have had a bunch of videos recorded, but I haven’t been uploading because I simply can’t find the time to fit in video editing with the rest of my schoolwork. Also, it makes me feel really guilty each time I see those files :P. Plus, I don’t think my heart was in it.

I actually enjoy programming videos more then I like Minecraft videos. But my biggest problem when I do programming videos is that I talk to fast. I always talk fast, and it’s become a sort of habit. And I really want to be able to concentrate on speaking slower, but the problem is, I can’t concentrate on Minecraft and my speech at the same time.

I think a podcast would be perfect, and not only to help me get better at speaking, but also to make an actually interesting and understandable podcast, unlike a lot of other podcasts I’ve seen/listened to. If I do make a podcast, I will have one or two episodes a week. I will be talking mostly about interesting stuff in the programming world, but may touch on Minecraft updates. However, I have two problems.

My first problem, is content. I want the podcast to be interesting, and to me, there is nothing more boring then Python updates. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. And my second problem, is that it is pretty difficult to talk to nobody in particular (besides the mic), so that might not be fun.

I need someone else to be talking while I am thinking of the next thing to talk about. Which reminds me, I plan to plan out all of my podcast before I start recording an episode, so that way I won’t keep trying to think about what to do next. So this means, I am accepting anyone who is good at tech (but not TOO advanced, to keep it interesting) and has a good microphone. Maybe if I can get a lot of people listening to my podcast, I can even have guest appearances.

And the last think I want to say, is that I will also need a name for my podcast. Something easy to remember and simple, but not already taken. Tell me what you think, by either using the contact page on my site (on the about me page), or by leaving a comment on this post!

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