Problems with WordPress

I had been thinking about moving my site to WordPress, but I immediately changed my mind when I ran into some problems. First of all, when you delete a WordPress site, not even you can get it back again. I looked this up, and found out why they do this. Suppose you had a WordPress domain at myadventures. Then, you gave a link to your family and friends. A few weeks later, you deleted the site because you didn’t have any content to put in.

Someone else takes the site domain, and posts they’re own stuff. When one of your relatives goes to the blog thinking you still own it, and see a bunch of other stuff they might get offended. So WordPress makes it so when you delete a WordPress site, no one can get it back again. I had the domain http://www., but later I deleted it so I could reset it. I tried getting it back again, and apparently it was claimed.

Try going the that site now. It will say the authors have deleted it. There is another downside too. This won’t affect you if you are making a simple blog, but if you want to do HTML editing you won’t be able to use <iframe> and <script>.

<iframe> will only work if it is for a Youtube video. I looked this up, too, and I found that WordPress blocks those tags for security reasons. If somehow a hacker got a WordPress site, and started using <script> tags to affect the main site, then that would be a disaster.

I don’t know exactly why they block <iframe>, maybe because the page it’s linked do can still do damage. I had tried to move my survey onto WordPress, but the survey code used scripts and it didn’t work. Another downside is that you can’t connect a GoDaddy domain (or in that case, any domain registrar) to your WordPress blog without having to pay an extra $6.00 a month.

That’s kinda annoying, because Squarespace (what I use for my site) lets you connect domains to your Squarespace site. So if you think of moving your site to WordPress, maybe Blogger might be a better choice.

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