Pros and Cons of Minecraft Server: Clownercraft

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You have probably seen my other post on this server, and I will now post all of the pros and cons for this server. There are probably going to be very few cons, though!Pros:+The area around the spawn is not griefed horribly+There are no people waiting to kill you when you log on, there is no PVP+People don’t grief, and even if someone does there is a plugin that will tell a moderator/admin who did it and it will be automatically repaired and the griefer banned+If you get banned, you can request an unban on the forums. If you are banned a second time, you will never get to by unbanned again.+Everyone on the server is nice and sociable, and doesn’t use cuss words+The moderators themselves are nice and you can talk to them a lot+There is a lot of free space to build houses, but usually you should build in a town somewhere+Towny/Factions plugin is not installed, meaning you won’t get randomly claimed areas and it is easier to build+You can’t claim areas, which is sometimes good.

You won’t get people claiming large areas for no reason+It is very easy to get resources, and it is not like all of the trees are gone and there is lots of iron and diamonds to find+The server is never crowded full of people, and is almost never full+You can actually request for a rankup, and if your building is good enough, you can get ranked up. If it isn’t, then they will tell you exactly what is wrong so you can fix itCons:-The server only has 50 slots, though this isn’t much of a problem at all-Donators/VIPs can fly, though this too isn’t exactly a problem (if you donated, which I did :P)-The game difficulty is on Hard, meaning there are lots of monsters-They are no longer taking moderator requests-Buying unbans are expensive, like a thousand dollars (real money) for a permanent unban, though you can still get banned again during that time-The server can be laggy at some times, though it is very rare-When you die, using the /back command won’t teleport you to your death point-You only get 1 home when you are player rank, 3 when you are stone rank, and 5 when you are bronze, and so onOverall, it is a GREAT server! Also, donating is very cheap, at least for the [Don] rank (7.50 USD). The [VIP] rank costs 25.

00 USD.

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