Python GUI: Tkinter

Remember when I used Pygame to make a few simple ‘games’? And remember that Python program I was working on, the one that gets images online using text from a text file? Well, I decided it would be cool to combine both, and get a cool GUI result. But Pygame isn’t really the kind of thing that would be easy to program buttons, in fact, I’ve tried before and totally failed. It is very difficult. However, I remembered when I first learned Ruby a long time ago, and found this really advanced book.

It had something on an add-on to Ruby called Tkinter. It helped make really cool GUIs, though it was not made for games as much as Pygame. Then, I had just copied and pasted the code from the book and it worked. I recently (yesterday) looked it up online, and found it supports Python, too.

I tested it out, and it worked! It looks a lot like HTML, all of the buttons and text fields on the test GUI looked like the kind you get from HTML. It looks a little difficult, but I may just be able to pull it off. You can do pretty cool things with it when you master the art of it, though!

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