Raspberry Pi Passcode

I decided to use almost everything my kit came with, to make something BIG. And after lots of research, I was able to make it. So basically, it is three buttons, three LEDs (Red, Green, and Blue), and a LOT of wires. So basically, each button represents a number.

The first button is 0, the next 1, and the last 2. When you run the program, the red LED turns on. The blue light turns on as long as a button is held down, and on-screen it prints the number of the button you pressed. If you get the passcode wrong, then the red lights blinks and it resets.

If you get it right, the green light blinks. Actually, almost every GPIO port was used in this, I have about 3 ports left 🙂 . So my next project will be one of those security light sensors, where if you break the line the alarm goes off. Unfortunately, my baby sister through my entire box of wires into the Lego box, and I was able to get everything back except the light sensor.

I will be buying a new one, 10 RGB lights, and another half-size breadboard (I was running out of space). Okay, here is a pic and Youtube video 🙂

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