I’ve been programming since I was 12, initially with Python and Minecraft (I self-published a book on learning Python with Minecraft Pi Edition on Amazon). I’m especially passionate about design patterns and OOP programming – it’s art. I love learning new technologies and new ways to develop.
When not working or learning, I aslo help out with my parent’s ecommerce business (fixing issues that arise, making minor changes, etc).
I also enjoy optimizing processes and creating integrations, especially when I’m the one running the processes. I like interacting with other developers, and am usually active in whatever Facebook community I’m working around.
Occasionally I write about new discoveries or features I find especially cool on my blog.
Nicholas Harris LLC
2019 – Present

I take clients directly, for full projects or individual changes. Some of the projects & work I’ve done:

  • Developed a program (using NodeJS / Electron) to process large amounts of images taken using a drone for inspection of utility and cell towers. The program takes the raw images, and cross-references them with a database to divide them to their appropriate towers. It then sorts them based on their metadata to be in a format acceptable by clients, and generates a report with the thumbnail images showing their real positions
  • Changed the permalink structure of a WordPress website, which involved changing several hundred hardcoded redirects to match the new format. Google Search Console found all the changes and was able to make the index changes with no issues.
  • Made many changes to the BuddyBoss WordPress platform, using their hooks/filters/actions. 


The Blog Fixer
WordPress Developer, Customer Support
I scanned and fixed over a thousand client websites (WordPress) using The Blog Fixer’s custom plugin, to make mass content changes in the database.
I also helped develop integrations and features to optimize the workflow of applying “fixes” to client websites, including:
  • Set MailChimp groups based on the service ran and the results of TBF’s audit
  • Set MailChimp merge fields for recommendations, that can be used in later automations
  • Created an API in TBF’s WordPress plugin to allow integration between the workflow environment (Google Sheets/Scripts, JavaScript) and the client’s website
  • Sending generated emails to the client from the workflow environment (G Sheets)
  • Created a service for checking for/fixing broken links
  • Used Google & Microsoft’s Vision (image identifying) AI’s to create a tool for setting image alt attributes
I also developed a client dashboard area for The Blog Fixer, giving them more information on the status of their audit or service, and allowing them to view the report on the website (without having to download).
I also helped out with training for a contractor on running services on a client’s website (allowing me to switch over to development).
Minecraft Server Developer (Freelance)
I developed Minecraft server plugins (Spigot server software) for around four years (two years paid freelance). I used Java, MySQL, Maven, and later Kotlin (JVM language).
It required strict use of OOP, and I was active in and contributed to the Spigot community (a resource moderator for a brief time). Most of my OOP experience came from developing plugins, along with some MySQL.
Examples of Daily Tasks
  • Emergency workaround fix for payment processing issue with payment going through but no confirmation. Processing is back online.
  • Fixed an error that shows up when a discount code was applied in Shopify checkout. The issue was with a conflict with Optimonk and Shopify. Disabled Optimonk on the Shopify checkout page specifically to fix the bug. 
  • Verified for ecommerce owner how many Facebook pixels were running on their website, and which one specifically was active. 
  • Fixed duplicate FB Pixels in a Shopify store
  • Installed an SSL certificate for a shared hosting setup
  • Changed the permalink structure of a WordPress website, with no SEO impact
UI/UX Design