Shape Shifting Minecraft Mod

While I was looking for some cool mods to add to my mod pack, and I came across the shape shifting mod. There are lots of other mods that let your change into other creatures and sometimes get their abilities, but that was mostly a creative mode thing only, and not really meant for survival. I wanted one that where you had to unlock the creatures but in a simple way. Well, the shape shifting mod has a couple of advantages I really like:To unlock a creature, you have to kill it first.

If you haven’t killed it before, you will automatically turn into it.The animation when turning into a creature is AWESOME!Like many other mods, you can get the creature’s abilities.The cool thing about this mod is that you can turn into other creatures from different mods, even though the mod creator doesn’t even know a such mod existed. You can’t get their abilities, though.

And the last thing is, some of the creatures have disadvantages as well as advantages. Like the blaze, a creature you find in the nether, will take damage on water but not on lava, and can fly.I started a world with my brother and sister, and it had the shape shifting mod. It was fun to try and unlock creatures to get their ability! We also had TWO mods that are full of structures, the Spino’s Structures mod, which doesn’t add any new creatures or items, and the better dungeons mod which is full of new creatures and tons of powerful wands.

We had to take over a pirate ship (it was huge, and even had cannons) with four wands. I got poison and fire (the fire one shot jets of fire and also pushed my enemies away), and my sister got the healing staff and my brother got the wind staff. It was a tough battle, rather like a PvP fight, but we finally took most of it over. There were just a few rogue guys here and there.

We actually found two cages with captive villagers inside, which we rescued. Then later, I looked up on the wiki and found that the big ship has a pirate boss on board. I decided we could take him down, and he took some hunting to find. He spawns in the back of the ship, in one of the rooms.

We finally found him in the front of the ship in a boat, and it wasn’t hard take him down. The trouble was, he has two powers. He can turn invisible, and launch clones that look exactly like him but no cape. Finally, the ship was ours.

We made it our base. There were structures everywhere, including an underwater city. We never fully took that city over, it was EXTREMELY difficult. It as inhabited by these squid like things that have swords and stuff.

I loved those guys! Before we left, we managed to get a squid banner. I put it on one of the masts.

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