StarWars Day Minecraft Event 2015

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StarWars Day Minecraft Event 2015Star Wars Day is coming up (May 4th), and I decided that I would do an event on my Minecraft server. It will be a battle between the separatists and the Republic. People can choose both their role and which side they want to be on. I searched and found spaceships that would fit both sides.

I got the Republic Star Cruiser for the Republic side, too!It will be at 4:00 PST, May 4th, 2015.The main object of the game will be to blow the other ship up by hitting it’s engines using a smaller ship. But before you can do that, you need to disable it’s shields. And of course, they will be in the most guarded part of the whole ship.

It is up to the players to find and turn off the shield controls. Some players are more powerful then others, and each role will have some advantage that the others do not have. This means that you will need a strategy, whether it involves distraction or brute force. If you want, you can even design your own transports in Minecraft blocks, then fly it! I installed the Star Wars mod, among others, which lets you become a Jedi/Sith with a lightsaber, and the ability to block shots! Here is the story behind the reason for the battle:It is near the end of the Clone Wars.

It is obvious that the Republic will win the war, despite the amount of droids the Separatists have been throwing at the Republic for years. One day, however, the citizens of Coruscant , the capital, wake up to find Separatist droid ships crashing down on some of the most important government buildings, and clones nowhere to be seen. A large force field had surrounded the planet, and it was evident that the Separatists planned to capture Chancellor Palpatine and make a large dent in the Jedi order, if not to take the whole planet. There are so many, and the defense force were so taken by surprise, that it wasn’t long before the Jedi temple and the senate building were surrounded by droids.

It wouldn’t be long before they broke in and took control of the two largest sources of political power on Coruscant. However, there are rumors that no living Separatist had been among the attack on Coruscant.Not only that, but it was found that there was no mothership orbiting Coruscant that was giving commands to the droids. This meant two things.

One, this meant that the attack was a desperate attack and not a long planned invasion. There were still Jedi outside of Coruscant fighting their own battles, cleaning the last of the droids from the Outer Rim. The Jedi were able to telepathically talk to those Jedi, though it was not an efficient mode of communication. The Jedi in the Outer Rim had noticed a lot of concentration in one place, not very far from Coruscant.

It was concluded, then, that the droid control ship giving commands to the attack droids on Coruscant wasn’t very far from the Outer Rim, but still near enough to Coruscant to be able to control the attack on Coruscant. If this droid ship was destroyed, it would end the desperate invasion. Unfortunately, there would be no backup, since communication had been blocked on Coruscant. There was only one Republic Star Cruiser available to the Republic.

A few Jedi had been sent on this cruiser to attack the droid control ship, along with a small army of clone troopers. Should the attack fail, the last hope for Coruscant would be gone, possibly along with the whole Republic. If you would like to join, click here to take the entry form for the server (required)

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