Suggestions For A New Youtube Series

Most of you (well, at least some of you) know that I had a Youtube modded survival series called Modded Mayhem. It was great, but I stopped a few months ago. There were two reasons; one, it was a lot of pressure editing the videos and I usually didn’t have time, and two (the biggest reason) was that our internet was HORRIBLE. If I tried uploading a two minute video, it would slow down our internet and would take all day.

That is why I haven’t uploaded videos recently. Also, my brother has been sick for a long time and I can’t continue the series without him. However, in my last blog post, I said that we got a new internet provider (Charter). Since then, our internet has been much better.

I decided I could start uploading videos again, and thought about starting the Modded Mayhem series again. But as I said, my brother has been sick. Also, I have been using different mods and it would be difficult to re-install them all again. And lastly, I decided that doing normal survival, even a bit of modded survival, is pretty boring.

Then I thought of starting a really cool modded series. This one would be different from most of the other mod packs, because this would be exciting most of the time. I would install mods like mutant creatures, tornadoes, orespawn, and other things like that. I would also up the spawn rate of mutant creatures and tornadoes drastically, and instead of settling in one place, we would travel by air or boat.

Then, we could have a companion using the Clonecraft mod, and just cheat in a companion for myself. And we could like work together, but not use him like a machine for AFK farming or anything. The only problem I have so far, is that I don’t know what to name him :P. It’s really difficult.

.. I want this series to be full of scary and funny happenings, like no other! Tell me what you think of it, and some other mods I could include.

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