[Talk] Chris Pine, My “Mentor”

I first started programming when I read a book called Learn to Program. It is about how to program Ruby, for beginners. It shows the basics, and over half of the things I teach here I have learned from Chris’ book. It shows how to do branching, use puts, and even some things that I do not understand.

He also teaches how to do things like file editing, and blocks of code. If you ever need help on some semi-advanced Ruby stuff, email him at chris@pine.fm. He is a great guy.

Also, you should get his book, called Learn to Program. It covers things that you may not understand from me. At one time, I didn’t have an idea for a program. Then I asked him, and he said I should do a fiction adventure type program.

It is where the program descibes things like “You are in front of a big mansion”, and then it let’s the user type in choices, like this: “A car comes rushing at you. What do you do?” He is really nice.Thanks Chris 😀

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