[Talk] [News] My Own Minecraft Server!

I recently got a really cool Minecraft server, and I can do so many things with it. I rented it from Gameservers, so everything was already set up with its own IP. It only allows up to eight players at once, and I also got a voice server with it, which I am still trying to set up. Also, I have white-listed it, because it is just for me, my friend, my and two of my brothers.

I am also able to edit the server online using McMyAdmin. From there I could use the console, schedule things to happen (Like saving the world), configure the server, check the status of the server, and lots of other things! So far my big brother has built a huge castle on a hill, and my friend has built two houses. Me and my younger brother have not really built anything, but we are getting ready for a party for Christmas. I have crafted a bunch of fireworks (Which was in the last update, 1.

4.6). Also, my younger brother has made some pumpkin pie and cakes and cookies. We will probably make a Christmas tree, with lots of presents! Also, we will make a little picnic area, where we can eat.

We only have four days to do this! I hope we’re gonna be hungry!

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