[Talk] Pi Programming

Hello! I have been programming and playing around on my Pi, and today I was able to do a lot on Minecraft Pi. Programming stuff, not building :). Anyway, the Minecraft Pi is actually just Minecraft Pocket Edition, but running on Raspberry Pi. One of the only differences is that there is no survival on the Pi edition.

But you can even join Minecraft Pocket edition games! Anyway, Minecraft Pi has a really cool API Python thing set up. API means that it will be really easy to “hack” Minecraft Pi. Anyway, as most people know there is no chatting or commands etc on Minecraft PE, which also goes for Minecraft Pi too. So, I programmed one.

It is really simple, actually. What it does exactly; you can type stuff in a console window, and it will pop up in the Minecraft Pi window as a chat. Later, I decided to create a few commands. The first one I did was the /sethome and /home command.

This is popular on most servers on the Minecraft computer version, but if you haven’t heard of it this is what it does. When you do the /sethome command, it saves the place you are standing on. Then, when you do the /home command, it will teleport you to the place you were standing on when you did /sethome. It is really cool, and I even added it so when you did the /sethome command it would place bedrock underneath you.

That way, you can always know where your home is. The next command I developed was the /build command. This command is really, really cool. What it does is this: Let’s say you want to create a wall out of stone.

You run the /build command in the console, then go to on corner of where you want to have your cube. You click enter in the console chat window. Then, you go to the opposite corner (if you were having a wall 10 blocks high, and 15 blocks wide, then you would go to the bottom right corner, then the opposite corner would be the top left corner) and click enter in the console window again. Next, you put in the ID of the block you want to build your wall out of.

In this case, we would use stone. Stone has and ID 1. You put in 1, and Poof! a wall appears using the coordinates you gave when you were in the corners. Later, I added an /undo command, in case you wanted to change your mind later.

The last command is the simplest. It is the /help command. It displays all the commands and tells you what they do. 

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