[Talk] Server Configuration

I usually have to make sure my server is fun and all, and so I do a lot of configuring. For example, some games aren’t too fun, or have some settings that make it boring. So sometimes I go into the FTP server of the Minecraft server, and change the configuration files. I do this very often, because I get plugins to make the experience better very often.

For example, a few days ago I got a plugin that makes it so you can have “Factions”. It was pretty cool, and it had a feature where each player part of a faction has 10/10 power, and when he dies he loses power. The power is used for claiming land, the more power you have, the more land you can claim. For big servers, this would be nice.

But everyone on the server makes his own faction, and 10 power isn’t that much to claim land with. So then I went into the FTP server, and found the right config files for the plugin. Then I changed it so that power always stays at 20, and can’t get higher or lower. Also, I have to do server management because of some of the people on the server.

Mostly my brother. Once he used Worldedit to generate over 1000 blocks of tnt. Then, he lighted it. For one of the first times, the server crashed.

And you couldn’t go near the zone of the exploding tnt, or it would crash again. So eventually I had to reset the server and start all over again.

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