[Talk] SpinRite

My computer has been having problems. About every five minutes, the Ubuntu operating system would crash (losing lot’s of my programming unsaved!) and programs (like Chrome and Firefox) would crash a lot too. It has been happening more and more often and I have noticed other things happening too. I have a program called Mono Runtime and when I run it it says it is missing files.

Also I was having trouble with my software center because it wouldn’t fully install programs. I then found a program called SpinRite. It does a lot of things to fix hard drives and it runs off of DOS when you boot from the SpinRite file. DOS can run on every computer and looks like the terminal in Ubuntu and Mac or the command prompt in Windows.

It has very low GUI. SpinRite cannot defragment, but it can repair hard drive “sectors”. While I am writing this it is repairing my computer. So far it has run 16 hours and has approximately 9 hours left on the second drive.

In all it should take about 26 hours on my computer. There are two hard drives in my computer and the first one (which was probably not a real drive, but a logical drive) took less then 5 minutes, and the second one is still running. Hopefully I will get less crashing and it may even make my computer faster. What SpinRite is currently doing is checking each “sector” (if this was a filing cabinet, a sector would be a folder) to see if it is broken.

If it is broken, it tells the computer not to use that sector. Then it moves the information from that broken sector to another sector. The computer crashes when it comes to that broken sector because it doesn’t know what to do with it. There are many things SpinRite can do and I will try some of them as soon as SpinRite is done!

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