Teaching Programming To an 8 Year Old

My Dad has a website where he teaches parents how to develop talents in their children, and one of the people who bought his curriculum were some people who lived about a mile from our house.Their 8-year-old son had an interest in general computer technology, and had the hardware and software to become good at programming. His parents asked me to come over to their house and teach him about computers and some general programming, and I showed them my 3D printer and Raspberry Pi projects (especially the wearable Raspberry Pi I’m calling WristPi), and basics on how they work. The son had a Minecraft account on the PC, and had just started installing mods.

I helped him out with installing a few mods, and how to switch versions of Minecraft depending on the mod version. I played a little with him on my server, and taught him how to use some of the more advanced mods. I listed a few sites where you could get mods, and where to buy the Raspberry Pi. I will be coming back in about a week to teach him some programming, and bringing a Raspberry Pi, too.

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