The Plague: A Minecraft Plugin

I got an idea for a plugin, that I call “THE PLAGUE”. Basically, when you eat rotten flesh, there is a 45% chance you will get THE PLAGUE. You will get blindness, night vision (which makes the screen go black), wither effect, and nausea for 6 seconds. Then, every six seconds, there is a 15% chance it will happen again.

And every six seconds, all of the creatures and players (not monsters though) will catch the plague a little bit, and will damage them. Even after you die, you will still have the plague. It is very dangerous. The only way to cure yourself is to drink some milk.

I like this, because it would be awesome for hardcore servers. It makes eating rotten flesh dangerous. I mean, who would EAT rotten flesh? I’m not sure what other effects it might have, suggestions would be awesome!

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