The technical parts of Minecraft

Minecraft is fun, but after all, it is just a computer program. And like all computer programs, there are bugs that can be exploited. Sometimes the bug is not fixed on purpose because it makes so many new possibilities! But it is fun to treat Minecraft as a program, and use some of the loopholes for our own personal use. It is possible to create a village that actually goes into Minecraft code as a registered village.

This means that villagers will stay in the village, and will populate the village with more villagers. In fact, if there are enough villagers, their ancient guardian the iron golem will spawn and protect them from the evil zombies. This can be used to your advantage! Basically, and iron golem will spawn in the middle of a village. And for a house to be considered a house to the villagers, all you need is a door and a block above it.

The silly villagers will believe that a ring of doors is a village! And, of course, the middle of the village is the center of the ring of doors. So, in the center, and iron golem will spawn. He drops iron on death, but he is the third most high health creature in Minecraft, or the creature with the highest health if you don’t count the Enderdragon and wither bosses. So, you could have lava in the center, which would kill him when he spawns.

Then, you would have to have water underneath the lava, so although the iron golem is in water he will still burn with touching lava. You need the water so the iron doesn’t burn on contact with the lava. The problem is, you only get one iron golem per ten villagers, and new ones won’t spawn until the old one is dead. This means you could technically have separate ‘villages’, and when the iron golem spawns it will be transported via water to the main building where it burns.

I’ve seen iron farms that give 1200 iron per hour! That is a lot of iron.

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