Tips for Learning To Program

If you are thinking of programming, but don’t know really how, here are some really nice tips. But first, don’t assume that the hardest part will be the programming itself. That actually is not the hardest. The hardest part is getting ideas to make your program, and even if you have a lot now, in a few days you will run out.

Anyway, here are some general tips:- The best way to learn programming languages is to actually use them in a program; I learned most of my Python when programming Minecraft Pi.- If you don’t know how to do something, the best way to learn how to do it is to look online. For example, if your forgot something like how to convert strings to integers, you can search Google for “how to convert string to integer python” (no parentheses). It doesn’t really matter what order the words are in, but you should always include what programming language you are going to program in.

You might get confused when you get an answer for converting strings in Java.- Try making ‘big programs’. It feels like an accomplishment to me when I make a program that takes about two hours to make, and I had quite a large folder full of my largest and best programs. It is a comfort to see how much you have done!- Show off your program(s) to friends and family! When programming, you eventually forget the overall idea of what your imagination wants you to do.

Your family may suggest something totally crazy (but possible, barely possible) that you did not think of because you were thinking more on the programming part of what you want to do.- Try and create a simple game. It can be incredibly simple, like a random generator game that makes it so you have two armies and randomly one will win. Then, add on to it.

Maybe make it so it is a one player game, and the enemy army is computer controlled. Make sure it is a text game, visual games are the hardest. Introduce coins, and you can buy things. Make it so you press enter for the loop to go around again.

Then, the enemy will randomly get men to add to his army. Make random nation names for your or the enemy army. I made this game once, and it was (although full of bugs) quite fun!- Play with your program when you are done with it. You will probably test out each thing you add on to your program, but when you think you are done you should do a whole playthrough and go through each feature.

You may discover small bugs, maybe even as small as spelling errors!- Last tip: Share your program online. If you have a website/blog, feature it there. You will be very proud if you know people are downloading and playing your games!

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