TNT Wars

I have been playing TNT wars in my server with my friend Mikah, and it is LOTS of fun. Basically, there are two islands, and if you fall of you fall into the void which kills you. In the center of the two islands, there is a giant brick wall. You have to build tnt cannons to blast the other player(s) to death, but mostly destroy their cannons or even make them backfire at the right moment! The wall is there for two reasons.

The first reason is so you can’t see what the other player is building, and the second reason is so that people have a chance to fire their cannons and get warmed up instead of getting destroyed immediately. Also, where the wall falls apart is probably where the enemy’s cannon is. I didn’t know much about cannons when I first played, and of course my friend blew mine up. I made the long kind, but I did use dispensers.

Then he told me how to make a better kind. The one he showed me was a bit manual, and it wasn’t a one click button thing. You click the button to prime the boosters, wait a second, then spam flick the lever for the tnt that will fire. You can fire about 10 tnt at once, and it goes pretty far! I can make them much faster then Mikah now, and I totally beat him the last few games.

I can make one in less then a minute! Eventually, there isn’t much of an island left. I even got a plugin that makes it so when blocks blow up, it doesn’t just get destroyed. It shoots the blocks up in the air, and that can be dangerous for the cannons sometimes!

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