[Tutorial] [Talk] FTP File Editing

I was trying to configure some permission settings for a rank plugin on Minecraft, but I had to use a GUI, and I couldn’t edit the raw files, because McMyAdmin has that in case you might make mistakes. Anyway, I looked around a bit, and I found in my profile in the Gameservers website (I originally used that before I used McMyAdmin) that I could use FTP. I used it and I could see all the files, but I still couldn’t edit them. Now, I was not really trying to edit much, but my friend Jaden knew a lot about servers, and needed to edit some files.

For some reason, he had no problem editing the files. Well, I Googled how to edit FTP files. I found out that you can use a program called FileZilla to connect to FTP servers and edit files. After that, everything worked perfectly! Jaden used a program called Transmit on his Mac to do the file editing, but I couldn’t use it because it was not supported on my Ubuntu operating system.

PostScript: I needed to do that so when I chat it would put my rank (in this case [admin]) and others ranks. This is so my friends on Minecraft can see what rank you are, so they know who to ask questions from about the server.Now, because I was able to access the raw files, I can now edit almost any of the plugins just how I like them! I’ve been able to do some pretty cool stuff, like make a bar above player/mob heads so you know how much health they have, etc. 

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