Update on my Blog and Podcast

I’ve been a bit inactive in the best week or two, and I really need to keep up with two things. I haven’t done a podcast in weeks, and a blog post in longer. It’s mostly because the week before the 4th of July, we went camping, and there was a big community event on the 5th. I’ve been doing a lot of things, and haven’t been able to write a blog post, or even have anything to write a blog post about.

But it looks like I won’t be having anything planned for about a month, so I can start writing again. I probably could’ve done podcast, but my microphone broke a few days after my last podcast episode. It was a great microphone, so I ordered a replacement. It came in the day after (awesome replacement service Amazon!), but that one was defective when it came in.

I spent a whole day looking for fixes, and when I couldn’t find any, I emailed the company about it. They emailed me back a few days later, saying I could get a replacement. I had told them that is wasn’t sure I wanted another replacement, and was mostly looking for a fix. I’m pretty sure the email I got from them was an automated message, but when I sent back another email I got a real person.

They said I could send in for a replacement, but not to Amazon. Not only would they pay for shipping, but they would even test the replacement before they sent it out! That was pretty great service. But it took a few days for the shipping label to come in, but thankfully, I was able to get the package all ready when it did come in. I am waiting for the Fedex pickup to come over right now, so I can send that out.

When the microphone company recieves it, they will send out the replacement. I’m hoping to be able to do another podcast episode in a few days, maybe a week at most. I’m pretty sure I can have an episode out by next week, but on the bright side, I will at least have tons of content to put in! I’m also thinking of ways to earn money from my programming knowledge, and I have to options. I a nan write another eBook, which I am really thinking of doing, or/and I can do private/public online programming tutoring.

I’m not sure what the demand is for learning to program, so I’ll see how that will turn out. My first eBook about Minecraft Pi hit about 10 sales in the same week I released it, which is really great considering nobody advertised it anywhere. It went up after that, and I was getting 30-60 sales a month. The only problem is, I only earn 0.

35$ per sale, and the rest goes to Amazon. There was one other eBook on Minecraft Pi, but it cost 7.99$! I’m sure the author put it for that much because anything underneath means he gets over 50% of the money from each sale. I’ve currently got over 300 sales from my book, and more than a hundred dollars! I’m hoping people would by a second eBook that was full of awesome projects.

But the biggest reason I haven’t released another eBook is that I’m really empty of ideas right now. I would love to do private tutoring online, but with all the sites for learning to code out there, I’m sure I wouldn’t get much from that. It’s actually not that I really need or want the money, but I like to see that people are willing to pay money for what I make or do. I will probably release another eBook first, because I got so many great fans and reviews via Amazon and email.

Tell me what you think I should make next!

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