Using the Kinect to 3D Scan Your Room

You can see the 3D scanned model on the left, and the real room on the right. Yes, the room is that messy because it makes it easier to scan, and not for any other reason (maybe).

I recently wrote a tutorial on Instructables on how to 3D scan your room, and it actually pretty easy, though a bit expensive. All you need is a Kinect, a Mac, and optionally the pro version of Skanect. I took some videos (which I converted to GIFs) for the Instructable, which showed what to do and what not to do. The Instructable actually got featured, too! I entered it into a contest (hosted by Microsoft!), and I have high hopes for winning at least one of the runner up prizes.

Plus, projects that use certain Microsoft products (including the Kinect) may get a special prize!

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