Video For Craftbukkit Plugin (Maybe)

I finally got an explosion to work for my Java plugin, one that does no block damage! I morphed that into the /tp command, and now it looks WAY cooler. I may just delete all the plugins on my server, and use that as a test where you can test them out in the game :). Unfortunately, I did not add to the /tp command, I replaced it. This means that you cannot /tp to coordinates.

Maybe I can fix that, too. I’ve been learning more and more on programming plugins, and I found out how to make your own CUSTOM CRAFTING RECIPIES. If I get really good, I’ll make it so you can craft something like a stone sword of lightning, or a thunderbolt. Maybe even a spawn giant zombie egg, but of course plugins only let you change certain stuff, you can’t add or alter textures without texture packs.

Though maybe I can make it so the Minecraft player will automatically use a resource pack and replace some useless spawn egg like squid and change the texture to something else. I also made a /nuke command, which will blow and kill even creative players. It actually switches your game mode to survival, blows you up, and switches your game mode to whatever you had before. Here is a full list of all my commands:/heal [username]: Heals yourself or the player specified/creative [username]: Turns you or specified player to creative mode/tp <username> [username]: Teleports you to specified player, or teleports one player to another.

Smoke grenade included :)/nuke <username>: “Nukes” (blows up) specified player, no block damage/nick [username] <Nickname>: Changes your chat name, use just /nick for resetting your chat name.I think I MIGHT do I a Youtube video on these commands :D.

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