What eBooks Will Come Next?

Now that I’ve released my first eBook, I will start working on my next ones. But what will they be about? The one I am working on now is on how to make a dissipating arena. The floor is falling apart; how long can you survive without falling through the cracks? This eBook will be a step by step guide on how to make this game, and you will probably learn some new techniques in this book! I plan to make the book about $1.99.

There will be other books, too. Maybe even Temple Run in Minecraft…

.Now I want to thank the people that made making my first book possible. First, there is my own Dad, who has his own eBook on talent. He encouraged me to write this eBook.

And there are a few people from the Raspberry Pi forums, who took the time to review my book. And also my brother, Jonathan (who has the EXACT same name as my Dad…

) who did the eBook cover. And I want to thank the “Raspberry Pi people”, for making this excellent device. And finally, I want to thank Martin O’Hanlon (http://www.stuffaboutcode.

com) who first taught me how to use Minecraft Pi Edition.Without these people, I would never have made my eBook. Thank you 🙂

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