What I am Planning

Those of you who have watched my Modded Mayhem series probably know that I did them with my brother, peng150 (Gideon). I wanted to continue the series, but since then I have installed lots of other different mods and removed some, and I am not even sure if the world still exists. But I still wanted to do Youtube videos, but not only modded survival. Now, I know that Minecraft survival, even modded survival, can be pretty boring.

Then me and my brother thought of starting a new series, and call it dangercraft or something. But we would add all of the exciting mods like tornadoes, mutant creatures, and a virus mod that can spread on your world. I want it to be exciting. Then we thought of making a channel together, and calling it EnderSquid.

We would do mod showcases and DangerCraft and mini games and things. And we would both record, and have it so that whichever screen is more interesting at the time, will be the one that is recorded. The other person’s screen would be in the corner of the video until something fun or interesting happens. Let me know what you think! We both ordered headsets which will arrive tomorrow, and we will probably start recording tomorrow.

You can subscribe to our channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/EnderSquidMC.

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