Where Can You Learn To Code Bukkit?

I won’t be able to do my own tutorials for Bukkit programming (I’m one of those people who take FOREVER to release videos even after I recorded them), so I will tell you where you can learn to make your own Bukkit plugins. First of all, I will give you some ‘facts’ of programming, and what you will need. First of all, you will need to program in Java.  Second of all, this isn’t like programming Python.

You will need a program called Eclipse. The nice thing about Eclipse is that  when you want to  make the player do something, and start typing player.set, as you are typing it will give you suggestions for ‘player’ starting with set. It’s really cool, and most of my programming is mostly just typing player.

get or player.set and seeing the cool things I can do and using them. The tutorials will also teach you how to download and install Eclipse. Thirdly, this is NOT going to be easy.

In fact, it will be VERY hard. You don’t need any experience for any of the tutorials, though. Here is something I found out in Java. To make a variable with a string, you first need to put the type of variable (in this case, String), then the name of the variable.

Like this:String myString = “A random string”;Also, you need the semicolon at the end of most sentences. Now, here are the tutorials that I have selected: 

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