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My family used to use Posterous and GoDaddy for their sites, but then Posterous said they were shutting down on May 31st. So then, we downloaded backups of the site and moved it over to WordPress. The problem was, our .com sites from GoDaddy still pointed to Posterous.

We had to use the .wordpress.com for a while, until I searched and found a way to connect GoDaddy domains to WordPress. Unfortunately, it cost money.

Posterous didn’t cost money, but WordPress did if you wanted to connect your domain. Eventually, we decided to buy the extra add-on. It was pretty simple. You go to the store, select Domains, and put in your domain name.

Then, you have to buy it. After that, you go to your GoDaddy manager, and select the domain you want to connect with WordPress to, and put in the right DNS addresses. After that, it worked! It was pretty quick, too.

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