Drone Inspection Reporting Tool

The purpose of the Drone Inspection/Reporting Tool is to provide a way for drone pilots/QA managers inspecting electrical utility poles to automatically sort images taken by pilots into 100% customizable categories, based on each image’s GPS metadata. 

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The program can also import “raw” images from shots of multiple power poles, based on a CSV file containing the name/ID of the utility pole and it’s longitude/latitude. 

Image reports can be generated for each processed utility pole, using static locations on an image report template or adding them to the template according to their real locations relative to the utility pole.

Written with NodeJS, Electron, and jQuery

Services Status Dashboard

To provide a better experience for The Blog Fixer clients, I developed a WordPress plugin that creates a dashboard for the client where they can view the status of their purchase, and the report when it is complete.

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Because some services offered by The Blog Fixer require the client to send in additional customization data, and create a user account in order to run the service, the dashboard provides instructions and feedback on what is required by them before their service can be started. 

Written with PHP and JavaScript (frontend/UI)

Quick WP Backup Plugin Installer

Part of the process of applying any changes for The Blog Fixer, a backup of the site is always taken, using either BackWPUp or Updraft. Most clients do not already have these plugins installed, so we install them, take the backup and download it, then remove them. 

This part of the process is time consuming, and techs have to remember whether the plugin was installed before we ran the service. Using React & PHP, I created an addon to the Blog Fixer plugin that can one-click install and activate the necessary backup plugin, as well as one-click remove. 

Written with PHP, NodeJS, and React

MailChimp Campaigns to Shopify Blog Tool

My mom runs an ecommerce store, selling healthcare products. Her store is based in Shopify. In order to improve the SEO on her store site, she asked me to develop a tool that could import campaigns from MailChimp into a Shopify blog. 

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The tool runs as a PHP application, with the MailChimp campaigns all imported once (via MailChimp’s API), then stored in a MySQL database. The content of each MC campaign is loaded on demand once, then stored in the database. 

The tool includes a text editor (powered by tinyMCE), so the campaign can be customized or formatted before being published on Shopify.

Written in PHP and JavaScript, communicating with the MailChimp API and the Shopify API

BuddyBoss WP Disable Messaging to Admins Addon

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A BuddyBoss addon that disables a user’s ability to send private messages to admin users, to encourage group members to send support messages through the proper channels. 

Written with PHP

WordPress Plugin Service Automation

Using Google Sheets and the Google Scripts service, I helped build a service purchase tracking system for The Blog Fixer. New purchases made from the WordPress website are automatically imported. The spreadsheet includes many integrations to the different services used by The Blog Fixer in order to improve customer experience and help with new team member training. 

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The Google sheet script can generate an entire checklist, with steps to be taken by the tech running the service customized depending on what was purchased. 

The spreadsheet can also communicate with the client’s WordPress website, to import any data relevant to the service purchase, and make automatic checks to ensure that the required steps were executed by the tech. 

Written with JavaScript and PHP (for WP plugin integration), hosted on Google Cloud

Integrates with MailChimp, Gmail, WordPress, and Google Sheets.

Google Drive PDF > JPEG Automated Tool

A simple Google Scripts project that converts any PDF files found inside child folders of the parent folder to JPEG files, with a user interface built as a Google Sheets spreadsheet. 

Written with JavaScript

WordPress AI Image Alt Tool


In an effort to help WordPress bloggers to make their website disability-friendly and improve SEO, I developed an addon tool for The Blog Fixer that finds all of the images on the WordPress site, and suggests a new image alt attribute value using Google Vision and Microsoft Vision. Even if those values are not used, the tool is extremely helpful in quickly updating the alt value for every image on the website. 

Written with PHP, JavaScript, and the Microsoft/Google Vision AI APIs

Service Report Generator in Google Sheets

As part of the process of running a service for a client, an HTML report is generated. This report can either be sent as an email, or uploaded to The Blog Fixer WordPress website where it can be viewed by the client, with an email sent to the client linking to the report.

Written in JavaScript

Pinterest Image Attributes Gutenberg Support Plugin​

The data-pin-description attribute is not supported in the Gutenberg WordPress post editor. This plugin hooks into WordPress’ Gutenberg React code to allow setting a pin description to be used by Pinterest.

Written in PHP, JavaScript with React

WordPress Broken Links Checker

To prevent broken links from being inserted into a WordPress post, I developed an addon to The Blog Fixer plugin (part of the Live Fix subscription) that will check the post for any broken links (i.e 404 links). The tool allows the post author to quickly replace or remove the link, without having to find it in the post content. 

Written in PHP and JavaScript