web-vitals vs Lighthouse vs PageSpeed Insights – What’s the Difference?

There are quite a few different libraries out there that can help with measuring your Site Speed, specifically Google’s Core Web Vitals standards. The primary three tools that are are commonly used and set the standards are web-vitals, Lighthouse, and PageSpeed Insights. Each tool/library in the list is connected to the one before it. web-vitals…Read More

Google Search Console Showing High CLS But PageSpeed Insights Shows Good Score

So you’ve asked a plugin provider/your theme designer/ads provider to fix CLS issues that you think their services are causing on your website. They’ve updated their software, run some tests with PageSpeed Insights, and you’re ecstatic – your CLS has dropped to 0.05, virtually non-existent! A month goes by, and you login to Google Search…Read More

How to get the intrinsic coordinates on an image mouse click

I’m currently working on a program that can generate a customizable image report. It needs to allow the user to click on areas in an image to specify certain areas used when generating the report. One method of doing this would be to use a two dimensional drawing library, like Two.js. Unfortunately, these libraries require…Read More

Importing old MailChimp Campaign Emails to a Shopify Blog

A while ago, my Mom (who runs MadeOn Hardlotion) moved from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign, and started using Shopify for her store website. Recently, she realized some of her older blog posts on her WordPress website were receiving a fair bit of traffic from Google searches. Since 2010, she’s been writing newsletter campaigns for her hardlotion.com…Read More