Automatically Setting Merge tags Based on Quoted Recommendations

In order to improve marketing and responses to follow up emails, I created a feature in the Google Sheets tracking software we use to record issues found in a clients website that automatically sets merge fields in MailChimp that can later be used in automated email campaigns.   This was done for The Blog Fixer,…Read More

Sending Daily Reports to a Slack Channel from Google Sheets

If you’ve ever done any kind of commission or service work for many people, and at some point started to outsource or hire out that work, you’ve probably experienced the stress that comes with depending on other people to make sure work gets done in a timely manner. There’s always the chance someone will forget…Read More

Using Node Applications to Create Tools and Automate Processes

As part of my job scanning and fixing many WordPress websites, I go through a lot of repeated tasks. Sometimes, I will scan as many as a hundred websites, each website requiring steps for marking down different bits of information. One thing that takes a bit of time that I really want to automate, is…Read More

Using Google’s spreadsheet scripting tools for automation

I was recently taken on for a startup that specialized in finding SEO related issues in WordPress blogs, and they had a very interesting setup. Google Spreadsheets allows for fairly complicated scripting, with a language based around JavaScript. You can create buttons, make HTTP requests, and generate data with it, among other things. The startup…Read More

Running Scripts inside Java with ECMAScript

Something that’s in demand for every project being developed is configurability. These days, everything needs to be changeable. Languages, layouts, themes, colors, everything. In some projects, though, simply having a config file to load key values from is not enough. Sometimes people want to add simple scripts to their system, usually for automation.In the project…Read More