Using TamperMonkey to Automate simple tasks

Both as a resource moderator for SpigotMC and working for a business that runs website SEO scans, I’ve found that there are a lot of repetitive tasks. Most of these involve filling out details in a form. For example, about 75% of the reports on resources for Spigot plugins were “invalid”. Either they were making a comment about the plugin itself (intended for the author), or they reported the resource with no proof (i.

e “this plugin is stolen”) or source. I would have to write the same stuff each time as a response.Thankfully, one of the other staff members wrote a script that would create presets as a dropdown list. They did this using a Chrome plugin called Tampermonkey, which allowed you to run JavaScript for certain pages.

This lets you add custom HTML to a page, with functionality. You can also use it if you want things like a better menu system for your favorite websites. You could add a button that switches the background colors (dark/light), or a button to remove all the annoying elements (like a reader mode).

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