42, a programming and entrepreneurial bootcamp

There’s a programming bootcamp in Silicon Valley called 42. It’s a 3-5 year program, during which you learn different programming languages and get work experience by going through internships with their partners.To begin, you send in an application, answering basic questions. If accepted, you would then go to the next step, the piscine.

You would go to the 42 campus sight, and for four weeks nearly 24 hours a day learning how to program with different projects. It’s the most intensive part of the entire program. Only a fraction of the people who go through it will be accepted past that for the full course.After a year, you’re required to take an internship with one of their partners, usually lasting for a year.

 During the internship you’re still a part of the program. Near the end, you would take either a full time job or internship. In between, you can take yet another internship, optionally. You can quit at any time, there isn’t a specific program end date.

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